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What is a Healthcare Affiliate Program?

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

What is affiliate marketing within the Healthcare Industry? It’s the practice of recommending a healthcare company’s products or services to potential doctors, generating incremental sales and earning commissions in return for patient referrals. It’s one way you can make extra money in the medical industry and some have become extremely successful by advertising products to doctors.

How does a Healthcare Affiliate Program work?

The process of affiliate marketing generally involves three parties: the Advertiser, the Affiliate and the Affiliate Solution.

The Advertiser – (Medical Agency) The advertiser is any agency which sells product or services within the healthcare industry – ranging from Home Health Care, Home Care, Hospice and DME (durable medical equipment). It could be Candace Tuttle, owner of Pacific Home Health Care or Mary Hacker, a local DME supplier. In these scenarios, both agencies deal with challenging markets, increased competition and liaison staff recruitment and training challenges.

Working example of a Medical Agency using an affiliate healthcare solution:

Candace Tuttle, owner of Pacific Home Health Care, requires accurate medical market data to identify potential sales targets and data analysis to select the best patient referral opportunities. With sales opportunities identified, Candace must recruit and deploy liaisons.

Candace would greatly value an Affiliate Solution that identifies and recommends these regional marketing opportunities, through an online portal, and connects her with a Liaison that can sell her company services, via a smartphone app.

The Affiliate - (Medical Liaison) The Liaison is responsible for a medical territory. Their job is to help keep GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals meet the needs of their patients. Successful Liaisons maximize their total Office call by developing strong relationships with these doctors. Becoming a trusted advisor, the Liaison helps the doctor by understanding their business needs and learns of new sales opportunities.

Working example of a Liaison using an affiliate healthcare solution:

​​Valentine Lewis, a successful Medical Liaison, knows how to maximize his total Office call. He is the doctor’s trusted adviser and has built a solid partnership. Because of this trust, they have talked about other services and he identifies new sales opportunities that his company does not offer. Worse yet, he may have already met his quota and his commission is capped.

Valentine would greatly value an Affiliate Solution that maximizes his time and financial reward by introducing new value-added products and services. This Affiliate Solution, through a smartphone app, would provide him new referrals and reimburse him for every doctor visit and provide commission bonuses for any successful referrals.

The Affiliate Solution A Healthcare Affiliate Solution would need to 'broker' this relationship between the Healthcare Agency and Medical Liaison. This technology platform solution would provide an Agency sales visibility in their region that can be communicated to the Liaison through their smartphone app. Finally, this platform should provide 360 degree learning - the Liaison, after the doctor visit, enters notes in the app providing real-time progression field data reporting that can supercharge the outreach process.

Benefits of a Healthcare Affiliate Marketing Program: Medical Agency "Improve sales outreach efficiency and revenue”

  • Drive new revenue and increase ROI with lead generation and real-time liaison field data.

  • Gain sales visibility in your market and competition by physician, state, county and annual growth trends.

  • Increase the number of doctors your Liaisons visit by simplifying their job

  • Gather real-time field progression and reporting

Sales Liaison "Increase sales revenue within your existing medical network"

  • Capitalize your existing medical network by getting new leads right to your smartphone

  • Utilize an app that provides market trends, lead opportunities and GPS directions while you are in the field

  • Increase your company portfolio since you will now be a contracted sales specialist for other Agencies

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