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San Diego Based Medspace AI Lands A Pilot With Nationwide Home Care Franchise Agency

Owning over 200 agencies in 30 States, Always Best Home Care has been one of the leading franchise agencies who always invest in new marketing technologies.

That's why Always Best care decided to pilot Medspace AI Solutions, an artificial intelligent sales ecosystem platform that helps Medical agencies drive new revenue and increase their ROI with lead generation and real time liaison field data. A powerful tool that is cutting marketing expenses by over 30% and allowing home health care agencies to refocus investments on providing exceptional patient care services.

“We are excited to begin the pilot with the San Diego branch. We know that ABC Home Care provides quality care to patients in need of home care services. Medspace AI is here to facilitate growth for these agencies who believe in quality care for the patient.”

- Bill Mathis, Owner and CEO of ABC San Diego

“Medspace AI uses big data analytics to produce qualified leads or "doctor lists", as most agencies refer to them, so that you can get the most bang for your buck with your marketing personnel.”

- Barnabas Perez, CEO and Founder, Medspace AI

Medspace AI also is developing technology that will allow medical agencies to adopt a flexible "turn on, turn off" advertising and direct marketing platform tailored for the healthcare marketing field.

At Medspace AI, we offer the ability to track efficient sales and marketing while also having skilled and effective quality of care. One of our former clients told us how marketing is just too expensive in the medical market and because of this they are limited to market expansion, "Marketing in the healthcare field is expensive" a former client Lyn Tom, CEO of Balanced Home Health.

If you calculate the numbers, to market for a healthcare facility you are spending on:

  1. Data

  2. Analyst

  3. Liaisons

  4. Managers

By the time the quarter closes, agencies will have burned more than 100K on salaries, commissions, and benefits in exchange for a limited return on investment from your marketing team. This is why we came up with Medspace AI, an easy to use flexible marketing system that shows you real-time results and allows you to run effective marketing campaigns.

In addition to helping other agencies with market growth, Medspace AI also has partners and experts across the U.S who have been in the healthcare market for over 20 years. We provide our clients with online training programs, solution selling techniques and marketing material/advice. Medspace AI’s partnership with Always Best Home Care is only the start of larger agencies and franchises wanting to adopt disruptive technologies such as Medspace AI’s innovative solution. We believe that a majority of the medical industry will adopt a system like this as the medical market evolves towards a decentralized state.

This partnership has drawn attention from many different market verticals. We have a few different types of clients in our network now, such as durable medical equipment companies, smaller pharmaceutical companies, medical certification companies and wearable technology companies.