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Products that your Home Health Doctor would love to buy

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

As an expert in home health sales market, you know it's been increasingly competitive over the years. More companies have entered the home health market and there are even more liaisons competing for your patient referrals.

With the industry changing, you may have had to re-think the way you set goals and achieve success. Here is the list of proven sales techniques that have helped you:

  • Meeting the needs of your doctor

  • Unique selling points to differentiate your offer

  • Benefit selling versus product pitches

  • Elevator pitch mastered

  • Building trust with F2F meetings

  • Networking for maintaining your sales pipeline

  • Overcoming objections

How do I maximize my total Office call? This is not just about selling for your company, this is about maximizing your network relationship. Your doctors look to you as their trusted advisor to help them with their business needs. Because of this trust, they have talked about other services and you realize there may be new sales opportunities that your company does not offer. An even worse case scenario is that you've already met your quota and your commission is capped. These examples are what we call “money left on the table” or "residual income" and as a sales professional it’s a major irritant.

What if you could introduce value-added products and services or refer your patient referrals and earn a commission?

When you are in the field, wouldn't it be great to receive referrals and get reimbursed for every visit you perform? Imagine receiving commision bonuses for your successful referrals. This is about maximizing your time and financial reward during a total Office call.

A system like this would have to be flexible for you and minimize adding more work to your busy schedule: Specifically:

  • allow you complete control for when you want to take on new opportunities

  • provide instructions and manage transactions all facilitated via a smartphone app

  • provide, through a smart algorithm, you potential targets that are close to your current location with pertinent doctor information and directions.

This is about maximizing your potential and financial reward from your medical network, a sales network that you built.

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