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In the recent months there have been some discussions about Medspace Technology and their plan to provide intravenous(IV) therapy to athletes who practice high intensity sports.

Pro athletes must take care of their nutritional intake so that they can perform at their maximum potential. Many Pro-football teams are practicing nutritional balance techniques before and after games to help their performance and recovery.

Medspace is one of the few privately held medical companies providing athletes with on demand nutritional support through IV therapy. One of these intense performers are race car drivers. Race car drivers must stay focused and hydrated during their race, especially if they are suited with leather coats and are required to drive for hours. Using IV therapy to make sure that athletes can perform at their maximum potential is a new concept but Medspace is providing a solution head on.

"One of the racing groups that we are in talks with are Justin Lofton Racing. They are competing this November and Medspace is thinking of helping them lock in their win," said Joshua Villalvazo, Marketing Director of Medspace.

"An untapped industry, the sports performance industry! The sports industry is untapped when it comes to technology that can provide athletes with on demand nutritional assistance. This is a newer concept and has not been disrupted by technology, many professional athletes are already making IV concoctions for themselves, they are just doing it under private expensive medical specialists. The vision that I have is to make the process of ordering IV drip therapy as streamlined as possible. Integrating health systems, blood laboratories, service providers and more, so that any athlete can order on demand tailored IV therapy that is specifically made for their metabolic profile." Said Barnabas President of Medspace.

Medspace will have more information in the coming week. Stay tuned Medspacers