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Updated: Nov 5, 2019

"We are delighted to welcome Dr Aboo Nasar. His significant contribution to lupus research and practical knowledge of new treatment approaches, and in particular the role of Intravenous Treatments, will be key to the next stage of Medspace’ development. This will be of particular importance for the our future partnerships with hotels and other large entities who will need Mobile Medical Services. ” said Joshua Villalvazo, Marketing Director of Medspace.

Dr Nasar is a practicing physician from San Diego California. Dr. Nasar is board certified in internal medicine and geriatrics with his primary involvement within aging matters related to my geriatric patients. Dr. Nasar is fascinated by anti-aging measures that can stall or prevent the aging process and ensure our health vitality

Dr. Nasar's practices are very much tailored and gear towards understanding the disease processes quickest proper perspective to prevent those disease processes in happening.

Dr. Nasar is interested in educating the public and the medical community. He has given talks on disease prevention and natural cures for illnesses in brain memory support.

Dr Nasar owns an anti-aging center in San Diego, Revive Rejuvenation Center, which primarily focuses on how nutrition plays a very important role in our health and well-being. "We are also involved with cancer treatment support bioidentical hormone replacement lifestyle and weight management and we focus a great deal of disease prevention and treatment" said Dr. Nasar. He is excited to partner with Medspace. Dr. Nasar embarked upon a program which caters to patients with cancer is a cancer support program when we push them up nutritionally as well as him the logically during the course of treatment with cancer chemotherapy or radiation they are depleted of the vital nutrients.

Dr. Nasar's goal is to assist Medspace's clinical team and assure optimal impact for their clients. His goal is to help Medspace with their current product developments for their intravenous therapy product lines. "This it the start of something that has not been disrupted yet" Said Dr. Nasar