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Medical Agencies

Providing Quality Based Care for Post-Acute Patients

Patients and their loved ones have just received distressing information. A doctor or provider has prescribed post-acute care services which may cause them anxiety as they worry about recovery times, level of quality of care and choices to make about the available medical care facilities.

What is the state of Medical Sales?

Patients are demanding quality-based care and have a greater number of choices to make about the type of medical care they receive

Your Agency's business challenges...

include stagnant revenue and increasing expenses, shrinking your gross profit margin. External factors as increased agency competition, emerging medical technologies and government regulations all impact your sales growth. Internal factors as staff recruitment and training and increasing state employment taxes have increased your company expenses.

To address sluggish sales...

agencies may purchase expensive medical data and invest into expensive analytical services. They may hire more liaisons or contract field medical reps to market to their target medical markets. The end result may be disheartening.


"30% of my sales and marketing dollars are wasted, I just wish I knew where”

Medspace AI Solutions

An artificial intelligent sales and marketing ecosystem

Our Medspace AI technology is an autonomous machine learning platform that dramatically enhance acquiring and retaining physician sales relationships.

Data Intelligence 

Our Medspace AI Data Intelligence solution empowers medical sale managers and liaisons to identify existing opportunities and grow in new markets. The Medspace AI platform provides user-friendly interactive dashboards to create actionable market data exploration with real-time progression field data reporting that can supercharge the outreach process.

Mobile Force

With thousands of trained Medspace Liaisons within our network, extend your sales outreach using our Medspace Al Mobile Force. Our Liaisons find, market and sell to your targets with our Medspace AI Data Intelligence solution.

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