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As a Medical Sales Liaison you can generate additional compensation by gaining access to our robust medical product and services cloud system.  As an advocate for value-based healthcare, you play a critical role in helping Case Managers service patients.

A Medical Sales Liaison, based in San Diego, made almost $2000 in one week being an affiliate for Hospice and Home Health agencies.  He stated:

            "I always promote that I can help with patients even if I can’t accept through my agency.                       Providing value to the patient and building value with my case managers is number 1 and                    always will be."


Experience how easy it is to get reimbursed by being an affiliate for our medical network of agencies.

Enrollment is free!

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Join now to embark on a new career opportunity in the health and medical industry and gain access to great revenue earning potential!"

Financial Benefits

Get reimbursed by being an affiliate for our products and services to doctors and patients

Maximizing your time and financial reward during a 'Total Office Call' as you build your brand value with case managers and doctors

Capitalize on your existing medical network for successful referrals and opportunities are sent right to your smartphone

Expand your network portfolio of case managers and doctors

Enhance your sales reputation: Medspace AI screens every new agency on our quality patient care onboarding process