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What is Medspace AI for Liaisons?

Medspace AI helps the Liaison generate additional personal compensation by gaining access to our robust medical product and services network. Get reimbursed by being an affiliate for our products and services to doctors and patients that come from your existing sales efforts.  Enrollment is free!  Join Today

Who can use Medspace AI for Liaisons?

Do you have a compassion and a desire to help people with patient quality care?  Then we want to meet you as this is Medspace AI’s core value.  Read our founder’s vision

Are there fees or hidden costs to me?

Enrollment and access to our affiliate medical network is always free!

How will I make money?

After onboarding, as a Medspace AI representative you are reimbursed for every visit that you perform, as well as you receive bonuses for any successful referrals and/or prescriptions that come from your efforts. Your effort is guided by Medspace AI through our app, including where to go to find leads.

How often do I take a job?

As often as you want as YOU are in control.  When you sign up for an opportunity, it will have its own requirements that bind you to completion. 

Once you finish an assignment, you are free to take another one.  

Do different product opportunities offer different compensation?


I'm new to the medical sales industry, can I still sign up?

Definitely! Medspace AI is the perfect opportunity for those trying to enter the Medical Sales field!

Do you provide sales and marketing training? 

As a member of our Medspace AI Mobile Force, you are valued contributor to our company.  We have a created an onboarding process to ensure you are successful. 

How will I be able to pitch a new product/brand?

Medspace AI takes you through a training period for every new product that it offers you. After learning about the product and passing an aptitude test, you will have the knowledge necessary to represent the product to the targets.

Do you guys take into account where my location is when assigning leads?

Yes, Medspace AI uses an algorithm to show you potential targets close to your current location.

The Medspace AI app provides market trends, lead opportunities and GPS directions all to your smartphone while you are in the field.

What if I can't deliver because I'm too busy?

Medspace AI focuses on giving you leads near your location so that it makes your day more productive and offers another source of income.

Will I ever experience conflict of interest?

No. Medspace AI necessarily works to compliment you to whatever you are doing but our algorithm prevents competition with your existing employer. 

I work for a company that doesn’t allow me to work for another company. Can I still receive reimbursement from Medspace AI?

Technically we are not employing you part-time or full-time but as an independent contractor. Although we cannot take responsibility for your employer’s decisions or policy, receiving reimbursement from Medspace is a legal practice.

I work for a Hospice Agency currently as a marketer, will I ever be required to market for another Hospice vendor?

No. Medspace AI necessarily works to compliment you to whatever you are doing but our algorithm prevents competition with your existing employer. 

Should I be worried about my sales reputation with my medical contacts if I refer them to a new Agency? 

How often do you payout?

Medspace AI screens every new Medical Agency during our quality patient care onboarding process and we continually monitor their quality care service.

Payouts/reimbursements occur after 72 hours

Join the Medspace AI Mobile Force

Experience how easy it is to get reimbursed by being an affiliate for our medical network of agencies.