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About Medspace AI

We believe the medical industry does not have the patient transaction technology to facilitate the shift of quantity based care to quality based care.  

We intend to change this.

Founder's Vision

Growing up with a father who was always in and out of the hospital, I observed how a fragmented medical system emotionally and physically drained my family's happiness and health. I believe that this fragmentation should not exist within the medical industry and that is why I created Medspace AI Technology, a living breathing sales ecosystem that is solving this issue step by step...

Barnabas Perez | Co-founder and CEO

Leadership Team

The Medspace AI Leadership team, Advisors and Partners are comprised of industry experts, disruptive visionaries and specialized expertises. They cultivate a strong culture of trust and ethics and work tirelessly to help our valued customers and Medspace AI Mobile Force scale, grow and succeed.

David Hacker

Architect Engineer / Lead Manager

Zijun Chen

UX/UI Designer

Medical Industry Advisors

Greg Horwit

Strategy Execution Advisor

Silvia Mah

Business Execution Advisor

Gavin Lew

UI/UX Execution Advisor

Kim King

Business Execution Advisor


Barnabas Perez

CEO and Co-founder

Valentine Bondar

COO and Co-founder

Michael Senger

VP Marketing

Raghav Ravisankar

Systems Engineer / Lead Manager


When Medspace AI began in 2017, the company founders realized the critical role of Partners to ensure their vision could be brought to fruition. We are grateful for their guidance, support and mentorship.


Valued Business Partnerships